Holiday Home Tour + DIY Ideas

Deck the halls, y’all! Have you decorated for the holidays yet?

This Christmas season, I’m inviting you guys into my house for a little tour of holiday cheer + a few small (and affordable!!) DIY projects and ideas I’ve been dying to share.

I love interior design, and the maker in me means I’m always scheming for new ways to decorate for the holidays. You don’t need to spend tons of money to get a cute holiday home—a little bit of creativity goes a long way!

Turn up your Mariah Carey Christmas and Boyz II Men playlists and scroll through for Christmas décor ideas and quick + easy DIY guidelines. Let’s get crafty!

(“Merry Christmas” ornament made in my Ornament Workshops, which you can sign up for HERE.)

One of my best secrets for budget-friendly Christmas decorating: dollar stores are your best friend. These red bows are a perfect accent to tie onto the back of my kitchen island chairs, and—just between us, of course—I picked all of them up from the Dollar Tree!

img-6776.jpeg  img-6774.jpeg

(Dollar tree bow with wreath from Michaels for around $3—and the garland was thrifted!!)

The golden rule of Christmas decorating is the fact that you can NEVER have too many trees in your house. If I could, I’d probably have a small holiday forest right here in my living room (but for now, five trees will do). The little red + silver tree on the left side of this desk was actually a project I put together myself with Styrofoam and painted/glitter dipped balls.


acs-0114.jpeg  acs-0112.jpeg acs-0116.jpg  acs-0115.jpg

Holiday tablescaping is another cute and easy way to add a little bit of Christmas spirit in your home!! Ornaments make for a great detail. If you’ve got extra (I always do!), add them as decoration in wine glasses, centerpieces, and holiday display trays.


On my kitchen bar, this year I incorporated some dollar store Poinsettias for a pop of red. Do a little surgery, removing the green to keep just the flower top as an accent piece on plates or trays. The “Dear Santa” cup is one of my own designs as well—available for sale in my store HERE!


My talented mom actually made this stocking. She has an Etsy store HERE, if you’re looking for women, babies, or any artsy home décor (I definitely get some of that crafty + entrepreneurial spirit from her). 

So—how’s your Christmas home decorating going? What projects have you tackled? …and how many cheesy Christmas movies have you watched while you’ve worked? 

If you’re still looking for some good holiday home additions, here’s a list of my upcoming workshops + ornament parties, and events!!


  • 12/2 Ornament Signing Party (Raleigh, NC)
  • 12/8 Intro to Lettering (Morrisville, NC)
  • 12/9 Ornament Signing Party (Morrisville, NC)
  • 12/13 Ornament Workshop (Morrisville, NC)
  • 12/22 Intro to Lettering + BONUS (Greenville, NC)